Infinity in the Palm of My Hand

Monday, January 10, 2005

One day older...

Not one year, one day older...wiser, no...healthier, no...happier, yes...the sun is out, after all.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Us, the Duds

You live. You find people you hate. You find people you like but who hate you. You find people who leave you. And you find people who stay with you, only because they want to be with you. Friends. Your fellowship.

This is my fellowship.

A fellowship of forlorn 20 somethings...dumb, yet clever...lazy, yet diligent...sweet, yet acerbic...bold and courageous, yet wavering once in a while, especially when one of them hears the word "Pardi". Demanding not perfection, but love from each other. Their friendship is comforting, inviting, loving, and best of all, an insult to the intelligence of everyone who doesn't understand it.

We've grown, but from December 26, 2004 to January 3, 2005, we were back where we started, finding comfort in the knowledge that we exist. Time flew, because we were there, with each other.

Life takes turns (clich├ęs, of course, remain the same), but sooner or later it takes four left ones and you see the people you a different light, but with the same soul and the same love. You realise this is worth it, and you carry on, waiting for those four lefts to come into your life again. And they do.

My solitude is often my joy. Or so I think. And my friends find ways to prove me wrong, again and again. And make my happiness worthy. Or atleast make me believe so. And that is the best gift I can ask for.

I love these fellows. And I thank them every single day of my life, for finding me, and for letting me find them. Too rare is a friendship like this one, and I for sure am blessed.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Where would I be without...