Infinity in the Palm of My Hand

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

What do you have in there?


Friday, July 22, 2005

I never thought...

...that 50 cent would make his debut in a Jim Sheridan movie. I somehow assumed he would do it in a State Property-ish flick, in spite of how his erstwhile mentor made his debut. I assumed wrong, of course.

Good for 50 cent. And Terrence Howard seems to be everywhere these days. He deserves it, he has the talent.

Thursday, July 21, 2005


Google moon.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

And one more

Just read the plotline for Siskiyaan. Most definitely a copy of "Death and the Maiden".

Monday, July 18, 2005

Its Austin-McMahon all over again

The John Cena-Eric Bischoff feud, which has just started on Raw, is pretty much going to go the same way as the legendary company-salvager and ratings-buster Austin-McMahon feud. Well-timed, tried, tested and very entertaining. John Cena is a great crowd-pleasing bad boy just like Austin and is the perfect urban replacement for him. And who better to do a McMahon than the only guy to have ever beaten him at his own game. This is gonna be good.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Things just pop up

You should you surely do.

Why do I get the feeling...

...that The Rising is going to be a major failure, both as a movie and as an investment? Ketan Mehta's last two movies were absolute trash (and big flops), Farrukh Dhondy was on the writing team of Kisna and this is Aamir's first release since his divorce, but none of that is the real basis for this feeling. Its just one of those things. I don't think I'll be able to shrug this feeling until I see the movie, but I do hope I'm wrong...we need a good (and commercially successful) historical, we absolutely do. There's just too much good history that India has been blessed with to not have good movies made out of it.


It is wonderful to see quadriplegics being treated with respect and humour, instead of pity and sentimentality. This movie makes you look past the disability of its protagonists and see them as driven, charismatic (and sometimes bullheaded) athletes, something which makes it inspirational, fascinating and yes, entertaining too.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Maine yeh film kyun dekhi?

I wish I could think of a title better than the obvious, but I can't...maybe because my brain is fried, maybe because I'm stupid...probably both.

Arshad Warsi (for his acting) and Katrina Kaif (not for her acting) save it from being a complete waste.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Best Film at the National Awards is...

...Page 3. Swades deserved it more.


The lockout is over.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Its raining trailers :)

One of my favourite novels will make it to the screen in about two months. Here is a glimpse. Looking forward to it, but at the same time, trying to keep my expectations within limits (without restraint, they go places).

Some of my friends don't like the way the animation looks (its similar to what we saw in "Waking Life"), they think that its distracting and takes the viewer away from the story, and so won't work for what is a somewhat complicated setup. I actually quite like it, somehow represents the novel (like the scene where Woody Harrelson mouths the "Beatles song" dialogue, it looks a lot creepier than it would on film).

Even though Keanu Reeves will never be a good actor, he naturally fits into some roles. Neo was one. I think Fred/Bob Arctor is another one (also, here, his lack of acting skills will be well hidden by the animation). Also, good casting choices with Woody Harrelson and Robert Downey Jr.

The fourth one

See your own risk :)

Tarantino for TV

Cool. I know he'll make good TV, entertaining and fun.

So, one more, for sure...

Fantastic Four tops the box office with a more than expected sum. So I guess Tim "I only want to make great movies, so I made Taxi" Story gets to make a sequel. I hope he does a better (a lot better) job the second time around.

Skip to my Lou

Lou, Lou, skip to my Lou,
Lou, Lou, skip to my Lou,
Lou, Lou, skip to my Lou,
Skip to my Lou, my darlin'.

Fly's in the buttermilk, shoo, fly, shoo,
Fly's in the buttermilk, shoo, fly, shoo,
Fly's in the buttermilk, shoo, fly, shoo,
Skip to my Lou, my darlin'.

Lost my partner, what'll I do?
Lost my partner, what'll I do?
Lost my partner, what'll I do?
Skip to my Lou, my darlin'

Yeah, wierd.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Its here...

See it.

Double Chocolate, Chocolate Glazed and Hot Chocolate

Timmy Hos - always a good place to find a splendiferous slice of heaven.

Saturday, July 09, 2005


Dus does ok for a while (a very little while) but then just completely disintegrates. The performances are pedestrian (other than Pankaj Kapur's...fine actor, wrong movie). Even Abhishek Bachchan, who had so much presence in Sarkar, fails to deliver. The script is shoddy and the direction tacky. The climax? Makes you want to kill yourself.


Thursday, July 07, 2005

How hot is too hot?

How appropriate.

Another one...

Is Chocolate "inspired" by The Usual Suspects? It seems so, with Irfan playing Verbal Kint.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Or why I should head to bed...

There is a moth in my room. It has been here for over an hour, alternating between the two activities that define a moth's presence in one's room - flying and not flying. I am too lazy to shoo it away, too lazy to shut off the light and wait for it to leave and too lazy to go find a friend at this hour who, in the absence of the moth, will remove me from my loneliness. At quarter past eleven on a muggy night in Vancouver, solace comes in the form of a moth. Life has taken wierd turns.

She smiled sweetly, smelt good and gave me hope. I miss her. Tomorrow, I'll also miss the moth.

What about Bob Novak?

Judith Miller goes to jail. Ms. Miller bows to the authority of the law, albeit only as an act of civil disobedience. To me, Ms. Miller's act of giving up her liberty in defence of the liberty of the press is a brave one and is a sign of her integrity as a journalist, even though I didn't quite agree with her act of revealing Valerie Plame's identity. However, whether or not I think she is deserving of the sentence is not the topic of this post. I want to know whats happening with Bob Novak. Shouldn't he be in Ms. Miller's shoes? After all, he was the first one to blow the cover on Ms. Plame's identity. And given his strong pro-Republican stance, he is the one more likely to do it as an act of vengeance on Joseph Wilson than as investigative journalism, something which should make him deserving of a much greater punishment than Ms. Miller's. Maybe he has cut a deal with the prosecutors. Or maybe he is the target of another related indictment (for whatever its worth, he has gone on record stating that he is not a target).

Either way, given the very secretive nature of grand jury investigations, its unlikely we'll find out whats happening (happened) to him anytime soon. But I wonder.

Where did it go?

My Sarkar review disappeared.

Stranger things have happened to me.

My Summer of Love

Either I completely didn't get the movie or there was nothing to get (which will give further weight to my theory that when critics see something they don't get, they jump to the conclusion that its good). The only good thing about the movie was the Edith Piaf song, which is the reason why I stayed till all the end credits had rolled by.