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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Oh Dae-Sanju?

Sanjay Gupta's moving on to new pastures. After having copied movies from HK (Aatish from A Better Tomorrow) and Hollywood (Jung from Desperate Measures, Khauff from The Juror, Kaante from Reservoir Dogs and Musafir from U-Turn), he now does one out of Korea. The movie is the visceral Cannes 2004 Grand Prix winner, Oldboy and Sanjay Gupta's copy is called Zinda. And its not a remake. Sanjay Gupta doesn't do remakes. Sanjay Gupta does frame-by-frame copies. Which is why in Zinda, Sanjay Dutt consumes food using chopsticks, instead of his hands (as any good ol' Indian laddie on a revenge trip would). Yes, chopsticks. Indian dude uses chopsticks. Ah! Mr. Gupta's probably portraying the effects of globalisation on the Indian psyche.

And you know what, if you copy a movie, the very least you can do out of respect for the original is to not take credit for having written the screenplay. Take the credit for translation. Its a decent enough credit, I say. And a very original one. After all Mr. Gupta, originality is what you strive for day in and day out, don't ya?


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