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Saturday, December 10, 2005


Sanjay Gupta being himself here (read the director's notes under the "Film" section).

A few of his wise words:

-- "Just as a great film leaves its mark on an audience, it leaves an indelible mark on the maker who created it."

/* "The maker who created it"??? Couldn't you have just used "its maker" or "its creator"? Trying to sound more intelligent than you actually are, Mr. Gupta? And what great film are you talking about? Kaante? Musafir? Weren't Reservoir Dogs, U-Turn, etc. the movies that really left an indelible mark on you? */

-- "Zinda is primal entertainment, unlike anything I have attempted before."

/* translation: its the first Korean movie that I am copying. */

It is no longer enough for Mr. Gupta to just copy a movie and profit monetarily from that. He now wants to convince himself, and the few idiots who listen to him, that not only is he a filmmaker (as opposed to being a xerox machine), but also a genius. Hilarious.


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